Hexatrust and GICAT announce a Cybersecurity Capabilities brochure


IT security threats are a major concern in today’s world. Everyday attacks and their consequences are discovered on a daily basis, whether in terms of personal data breaches affecting individuals or the leakage of sensitive information inside companies and administrations.

To counter these threats, GICAT (Groupement des Industries de Défense et de Sécurité Terrestres et Aéroterrestres, French land defenceand security industry association) and HEXATRUST (Cybersecurity & Digital Trust Alliance) have decided to join forces, creating a partnership based on the complementary nature of their organisations. Founded by innovative French SMEs and startups at the forefront in cybersecurity, HEXATRUST reflects their expertise and know-how in their fields. GICAT
reinforces this industrial ecosystem and offers support for exportation through its participation in international trade fairs and prospecting missions and related services.
This Cybersecurity Capabilities brochure presents a network of French companies seeking to develop their international business. They are all recognised for their know-how and ability to innovate in the fields of Information Security Systems, Digital Trust and Cybersecurity.
Some have received the FRANCE CYBERSECURITY LABEL, which represents an added guarantee of security and quality.
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Cybersecurity is one of the major priorities of the 21st century and an issue that reaches across borders in our highly connected world. Some 15 billion objects are now connected, and this will reach 50 billion by 2020.
Cybersecurity is an extremely vast field. It concerns governance sectors (defence, national security, and public administrations), vital infrastructures (energy, transport, health care, etc.), the private sector (industries, banks, businesses, services, etc.) and the population at large.
This threat can put any entity at risk, regardless of its sector, size or activity. It is a constant and diffuse threat that can come in many forms: obfuscation, theft, monitoring, abuse and usurpation of rights, data corruption, etc. Industrial systems that are interconnected with networks are particularly vulnerable targets. At the global level, the financial stakes represent billions of euros.

TrustInSoft joins Hexatrust

TrustInSoft now joiTrustinsoft-Hexatrustns Hexatrust

The HexaTrust cluster is now reinforcing his structure with a new offer proposed by TrustInSoft, assumin a large expertise in information security systems, cybersecurity and digital trust.

TrustInSoft unique value proposal is the ability to provide guarantees on safety and security of the software. Joining HexaTrust now leverages this value proposal in a more integrated offer, reaches more customers.

This article is extracted from the news posted in TrustInSoft’s website :